Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to the world of technology!

The World of Technology

Technology is all around us and the sooner we embrace it the better off our students will be. I am observing a sixth grade social studies class this semester as a student and the students are currently learning about famous inventors and going into the industrial revolution. Last week the students had to create a fakebook page on a famous inventor. The students were given an information sheet where they had to list who the inventor was, the inventors date of birth, who their spouse was, where the lived, and they had to find six people that they believe would have been friends with the inventor. The students also had to come up with five posts that the inventor would have posted about his/her most famous invention. Once that was complete the six friends had to comment on each post. The students loved this activity. The link for fakebook is Please post other fakebook activities that can be used for any subject.

Kylie Hicks